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Hill View Manor Evidence Review EP 1

Barnhisel House Investigation - Part 1 of 4 - Paranormal History

The Ghost of Blackbeard

Haunted Packing House - Spirit Box EVPs

The Ghosts of Grauman's

Barnhisel House Investigation - Part 4 of 4 - Paranormal History

The Haunting of the Englewood Post Office (H. H. Holmes Murder Castle)

Mount Washington Tavern - Paranormal History Profile

The Haunting of Hotel Conneaut - Paranormal History

R.U. - Lake County History Center (Painesville, OH) - Public Ghost Hunt

Help Us Document the Paranormal | Our Haunted Travels

Ghost Soldiers Speak Out | Fort Necessity | Paranormal History Profile

Derby Gaol & Vernon Gate Prison - Ghost Hunting - Ghost Quest

Great Food, Several Ghosts | Stone House Restaurant and Inn | Paranormal History Profile

The Haunting of Ford's Theatre - Paranormal History

St. Valentine\'s Day Massacre | Behind the Haunting #010

Who owns that creepy house? - Paranormal History

Making Ceely Rose's (Non Posion) Smearcase | Paranormal Recipes | Our Haunted Travels

PSPR Investigation Jamestown, NY Shadowmam

The Trestle Bridge_investigation 2

Madison Seminary Investigation With Adam Kimmell of Resident Undead

The Haunting of the Hollywood Sign - Paranormal History

Contacting The Dead and Lifting the Veil Communication.

OBE Update + Kitchen Ghost

FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR - Angelus Rosedale & Chapel of the Pines (Hattie McDaniel, Anna May Wong, etc.)

Frank Lloyd Wright Fallingwater Our Haunted Travels (Our Visit)

Episode 4 West Va State Pen with Vanessa Hogle

Eisenhower National Historic Site | Experiences and Tips | Our Haunted Travels

Oddities & Curiosities of Gettysburg | Our Haunted Travels

Ghost Hunting Equipment We Use (Live) - Paranormal History

Arlington National Cemetery | Experiences and Tips | Our Haunted Travels

Abandoned Graveyard 1800s - Spirit Box

Mission Hills Park - Experiences and Theories - Paranormal History

The Haunting of Ocracoke Island

Madison Seminary ASYLUM

Live From Madison Seminary | Our Haunted Travels

The Haunting of the Farnsworth House Inn - Paranormal Videos

Exploring Gospel Hill Graveyard (Cemetery)

The Ghost of Anne Boleyn (Live) | LTP #054

Visting the Youngstown B&O | Our Haunted Travels

Are YOU Being ABDUCTED?? | 5 Signs of ALIEN ABDUCTION | MichaelScot

Searching for Ceely Rose | Our Haunted Travels

Viewer Paranormal Surveys and Hangout (LIVE) | Let's Talk Paranormal #011 | Our Haunted Travels

Phillip Pry House | Ghost Caught on Tape | Our Haunted Travels

Edgar Allan Poe - The Raven

Historic Everett Theater 05 - Seating Area - WAGNER ITC PARANORMAL

The Gatekeepers: EPISODE 3: 30 East Drive: Is it still haunted?

The Spirit Of Thomas Richardson | Haunted Item ? | Paranormal Voice ( Ghost - Supernatural )

GHOST MOVES CURTAINS! | Mission Inn Paranormal Investigation | Part 1 | MichaelScot

VIEWER GHOST STORIES (LIVE) | Let's Talk Paranormal | Our Haunted Travels

What spirits will come threw join me to see..

MOST HAUNTED Location In CALIFORNIA! | Turnbull Canyon | MichaelScot

What I Experienced At A Haunted Victorian Mansion...

The Haunting of Edison's Menlo Park Laboratory | Ghost Stories and Folklore

I HEARD FOOTSTEPS BEHIND ME! | Exploring The Mission Inn | MichaelScot

Abandoned Honeymoon Hotel, Ski Resort, and Murders Hideout!

The Ghost of JFK - Paranormal Videos

USS Midway | Review, Tips, and Experiences | Our Haunted Travels

8 Haunted Love Stories - Paranormal History

Visiting the Haunted Queen Mary (Collab with Michael Scot) | Our Haunted Travels

Webisode: Presque Isle Gallery Coffeehouse, Part 2

Paying Our Respects to Robert The Doll - Paranormal History

Thomas Edison's Phonograph Demo (Collab with Doodles By Doug) | Our Haunted Travels

FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR - Hollywood Forever #4 (Barbara La Marr, Ford Sterling, etc.)

Do Ghosts Wear Clothes?

The Haunting of the Youngstown B&O | Ghost Stories and Folklore

Remembering Austintown Middle School | Our Haunted Travels (Visit)

Mysterious Figure At Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

Haunted road at night part 1

The Haunting of the Congress Plaza Hotel (Chicago) | Ghost Stories and Folklore

Blood Moon EVPs K2 Uncut

The Ghosts of the Betsy Ross House

6 U.S. Presidents Grave Sites Visited - Paranormal History

The Return of H. H. Holmes - What? (Jeff Mudgett)

Seance at the Madison Seminary Mad House Documentary Creators

Jeff Mudgett Talks about HH Holmes - Part 1 - Paranormal History

Monticello Front Porch EVP | Ghost Caught on Tape | Our Haunted Travels

Hill View Manor Paranormal Pursuit

How to Not Lose or Forget Your Charging Cables - Paranormal History

Monticello | Paranormal Investigation Review | Our Haunted Travels

Resident Undead - Phillips' Folly (Maysville, KY) - Full Episode

How to Make Hershey Chocolate Chip Cookies

Christmas Ghost Stories - Vol 1 - Our Haunted Travels

The Haunting of the Eisenhower National Historic Site | Our Haunted Travels

Gargoyles and Evidence (Live) | Our Haunted Travels

Weird Trivia and Facts (Live) | LTP #057

INSANE SPIRIT ACTIVITY! | Horse Thief Canyon Trail Paranormal Investigation | MichaelScot

FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR - Oakwood (Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, etc.)

Paranormal Investigating While Traveling Seminar (part 1 of 2)

UFO SIGHTINGS Over Chile and Arizona | MichaelScot

Bachelors Grove Cemetery White Form and EVP

Live from the Judson House Ghost Hunting Waterford, PA

The Hauntings At Gen. Anthony Wayne's Tomb and Blockhouse

Hollywood Sign - Paranormal History Profile

Something odd is about.

Unexplained Phenomenon (Live) | LTP #055

The Smoking Spirit of Sachs Bridge - Paranormal History

Exploring Eerie Abandon buildings Is It Haunted or Not?

Live Spirit Box Session

Exploring Claims of Paranormal Activity at The Haunted 21 Hampton

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