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FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR - Oakwood (Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, etc.)

Part 2 The Barracks Tavern Paranormal Investigation

Visitng St. Paul's Episcopal Church and Cemetery - Paranormal History Profile

Harriet Taylor Upton House - Experiences and Theories - Paranormal History

MOST HAUNTED Location In CALIFORNIA! | Turnbull Canyon | MichaelScot

Answers Mysterious Figure At Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

Hauntings at The MADison Seminary Ghost Hunting

Hotel Conneaut Investigation with PANICdVideos

John Young Spirit Box Session Day/Night

The Barracks Tavern Paranormal Investigation

The Haunting of Madison Seminary (Collab with PSPR Paranormal) | Ghost Stories and Folklore

The Ghost of JFK - Paranormal Videos

Miss Me? | HAUNTED DOLL investigation in the DARK! | MichaelScot

Konstantin Raudive | ITC Pioneer

Special Guest - Dezombified (Live) | LTP #059

Exploring The Drake Well Ghost town Pithole, Pa

Paranormal road trip

Almost Destroyed | Austin Log Cabin | Paranormal History Profile

Hill View Manor

The Return of H. H. Holmes - What? (Jeff Mudgett)

Bonnie Prince Charlie - Ashley Waterhouse Full UNCUT Interview With Simon Entwistle

Hollywood Sign - Paranormal History Profile

GHOSTS of HAUNTED Woodchester Mansion | Into the Shadows | Paranormal Ghost Investigation

Visiting Independence Hall (Philadelphia) | Our Haunted Travels

GHOST MOVES CURTAINS! | Mission Inn Paranormal Investigation | Part 1 | MichaelScot

Lincoln's Ghost Train | Behind the Haunting #007

The Demon Doll | Haunted Item | Paranormal Voice | Session Three

FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR - Woodlawn (Glenn Ford, Barbara Billingsley, etc.)

Damascus Cemetery (Ovilus Paranormal EVP)

The Demon Doll | Haunted Item | Paranormal Voice | Session Two

Mary Todd Lincoln's Presidential Cake - Paranormal History

The Demon Doll | Haunted Item | Paranormal Voice | Session 1

The Clarence Darrow Octagon House - Paranormal History


CLOSED BUT OWNER STILL ROAMS - State Theater - Paranormal History

Madison Seminary Paranormal Investigation (Collab With PANICdVideos)

Preview WVSP

FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR - Westwood #4 (Hugh Hefner, Virginia Fox, etc.)


Late 1800s Grave - Was The Family Murdered - Deep Creek Cemetery

Creatures In The Woods | MichaelScot

New Channel Trailer

FAMOUS GRAVE TOUR - Angelus Rosedale & Chapel of the Pines (Hattie McDaniel, Anna May Wong, etc.)

The Legend of Stingy Jack

Driving the Battlefield in Gettysburg (2018)

Making Ceely Rose's (Non Posion) Smearcase | Paranormal Recipes | Our Haunted Travels

The White House - Paranormal History Profile

THE NIGHT WATCHMAN - Hope Iron Furnace

The Haunting of Ford's Theatre - Paranormal History

The Barracks Tavern Investigation Ghost Hunt

Visiting the Congress Plaza Hotel (Chicago) | Our Haunted Travels

Ghost Hunting The Amos Judson House Est.1810 Spirits Remain Old Fort Leboeuf

Love Potions and Spells (Live) | LTP #042

Tales From The Graves - St Marys Parish Church Clitheroe - Simon Entwistle

LINCOLN\'S BED | 1893 WOLD\'S FAIR | Chicago History Museum

Ghost Soldiers Speak Out | Fort Necessity | Paranormal History Profile

Resident Undead - Old Licking County Jail (Newark, OH) - Full Episode

Alcatraz Island - Haunted Prison - Paranormal History

The Haunting of Lizzie's Maplecroft - Paranormal History

Bigfoot Researcher and Expert - Eric Altman (Live) | LTP #048

The Haunting of Heinz History Center - Paranormal History

How to Make Soldier's Hardtack | Our Haunted Travels

Exploring Gospel Hill Graveyard (Cemetery)

Barnhisel House Investigation - Part 4 of 4 - Paranormal History

Historic Everett Theater 01 - The Beginning - WAGNER ITC PARANORMAL

Visiting Englewood Post Office | Our Haunted Travels (2018)

Ghost Hunting Tips | Conversations and Actions as Trigger Objects (Ghost Hunting 201)

Barnhisel House Investigation - Part 3 of 4 - Paranormal History

St. Valentine\'s Day Massacre | Behind the Haunting #010

Barnhisel House Investigation - Part 1 of 4 - Paranormal History

Haunted Mackay Mansion: Intelligent SB11 Spirit Box Communication

F.S. Paranormal EPISODE #003

The Haunting of the West Virginia Penitentiary

Monticello Front Porch EVP | Ghost Caught on Tape | Our Haunted Travels

Little Ghost of the City Gates | St Augustine City Gate Paranormal | collab with F S Paranormal

Investigating General Braddocks Final Resting Place - Paranormal History

Indian Officials say that Yeti is REAL, and they have its footprints

The Haunting of East Cemetery Hill (Gettysburg)

Unmarked Graves Unfriendly Spirits EVPs

6 U.S. Presidents Grave Sites Visited - Paranormal History

The Hauntings At Gen. Anthony Wayne's Tomb and Blockhouse

The Haunting of the Lizzie Borden House | Ghost Stories and Folklore

Spirit Ask For A Drink of Tea | Ghost Box Session | Paranormal Voice

Christmas Ghost Stories - Vol 1 - Our Haunted Travels

Ghost Hunting The Alms House Cemetery (Collab with MichaelScotYT)

Great Food, Several Ghosts | Stone House Restaurant and Inn | Paranormal History Profile

Thomas Edison's Phonograph Demo (Collab with Doodles By Doug) | Our Haunted Travels

F.S. Paranormal EPISODE #005

PSPR Investigation Jamestown, NY Shadowmam

Visiting Thomas Edison's Menlo Park (Greenfield Village) | Our Haunted Travels

HIDING from a POSSESSED DOLL at 3AM!! | Hide and Seek Alone | Paranormal Game | MichaelScot

The Haunting of the Chicago History Museum - Our Haunted Travels

BREAKING: Notre Dame cathedral collapsed amid a devastating fire

The Haunting of the Old Stagecoach Inn | Our Haunted Travels

Madison Seminary ASYLUM

Simon Entwistle`s Ghostly Tales From The Graves - Swan & Royal Hotel Clitheroe

The Stanley Hotel Paranormal Evidence Review

Searching for Ceely Rose | Our Haunted Travels

What I Experienced At A Haunted Victorian Mansion...

Hill View Manor Evidence Review EP 1

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